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The 7 pillars of Armada

We think that the shift in mobile gaming towards a more core and immersive experience is way too slow. We want to give it a hard push! That’s why, while working on our first, epic game (still hush-hush, by the way), we wrote down the key principles for all our games:

  1. Easy-to-access, hard-to-master
  2. Innovative UX
  3. High production values
  4. Real time 3D
  5. Epic characters
  6. Real time multiplayer
  7. Rich game world

The key founders have been instrumental to the creation of games and services that changed the way mass audiences approach narrative, action and community in interactive entertainment.

BTW: We’re hiring!

Samuli Syvähuoko, Chairman of the Board & CEO

Samuli is our admiral, the man who dreamt Armada and got the gang together. An entrepreneur at heart, he is also a guru of the Finnish gaming industry.

Giuliano Cremaschi, Chief Creative Officer

Giuliano directs our games' design and IP development. He has a rich gaming, mobile, UX, F2P and branding experience packed together. And a sword.

Mikko Kinnunen, Art Director

Mikko, a veteran AD from top console studios, defines our games' visual identity and empowers our superb Art Team. The beanie? Lucky charm.

Tero Teelahti, Chief Technology Officer

Tero is a backend Jedi master, with 18 years of experience in building rock-solid services. He also skied to the North Pole for 3 long months. Like, for real.

Nick Joore, Technical Director

Nick is a black belt front-end programmer and experienced TD, with 18 mobile games published. Who said that nerds can't look hot?

Didier Pippel, Development Director

Didier "Daddy" Pippel is our development lead, having worked on over 120 games in his long career. He takes deadlines very seriously. Don't mess with Daddy.

Juha Matikainen, Chief Operating Officer

Juha is the power behind the throne, the leader who holds together operations, budget, HR, the whole shebang. If he could, he would work while on a bicycle.

Mikko Hämälainen, Senior Server Developer

Mikko is a true master of backend programming, as well as an entrepreneur, game designer and innovator ("Shadow Cities", anyone?).

Janos Perei, Head of Marketing

Janos can summon users out of nowhere. He is a marketing ace of the highest order, with over 15 mobile games under his belt. Also, a passionate outdoor explorer

Bastian Blokland, Senior Programmer

Bastian is our resident Wunderkind, a programmer born with a great future in front of him. He's also an old school metalhead. Nobody's perfect, right?

Jessy De Lannoit, Technical Artist

Jessy is dual-class scientist and artist. He is magically able to squeeze the highest end graphics and VFX into a mobile screen, creating the WOW factor.

Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen, Concept Artist

Ville is a master of the fine arts, able to create astounding characters. AAA and Hollywood studios have used his talents... and a certain Caped Crusader.

Carlos Cruz, 3D Character Artist

Carlos "Ryu" Cruz is a seasoned 3D modeler, able to uncannily bring to life the most complex concept art. He is also a true manga and anime devout.

Jochem Schut, UI Designer

Jochem creates beautiful and performant user interfaces at ultra-speed... et voilà! With loads of games shipped, his craft is a boon to any mobile team.

Adrián Acerete, Server Developer

Adrián is the latest addition to our backend Team, a passionate developer with a solid experience in Finnish gaming studios. Also, a true Marvel fanatic.

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We are backed by the very best

"The games being developed by Armada incorporate innovative and revolutionary UX and game play that bring the player experience to dimensions not previously seen in mobile gaming." - Ken Lamb, Initial Capital

"All of the great studios I’ve worked with have shared three enduring qualities. Determination, Rockstar Talent and Humility. Armada have all of these ingredients and more. I’m excited to be part of the journey and to see what they can achieve." - Chris Lee

"We are delighted to be backing a world class team which combines AAA development talent with mobile and freemium expertise." - Ben Holmes, Index Ventures

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We are a well funded, ambitious and welcoming gaming startup located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. We are on a mission to change the mobile gaming landscape. In order to do that, we're looking for the best talent, professionals who want to challenge the status quo. Are you one of them?

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