Best Monitors for Video Editing To Buy in 2022

Are you looking for a good monitor for video editing? Old one not making the cut anymore? When you work as a video editor, 80% of your time is already spent staring at a computer screen, wondering if that fade in was distinguishable or not. Naturally, you would want a monitor that would provide a good color payoff, vibrancy and help you focus on the minutest details. For you to be the best at your job, you definitely need a monitor you can rely on. And we’re here to help.

What to look for while getting a new monitor for Video Editing

  • Screen Resolution: 4K is obviously your go-to option if you want to invest in a good monitor. As a Video Editor, you need to be able to see how the editing works out on the best systems to produce the most fruitful work. But oftentimes, features are compromised because of the devil called Budget Constraint. In case you are not able to invest in a 4K+ model the right way, your second-best options are 1080p and so on.
  • Screen Size: The second devil that you need to conquer is undeniably screen size. As a Video Editor, your topmost priority must be to locate the minutest details on screen so as to facilitate you to work on them. To have this privilege, you need a monitor that is at least above 19″. When it comes to screen size, it is always the issue of the bigger, the better. For optimal productivity, 32″ screens are definitely recommended, but how many people can actually afford them? So we’d say, 24″ must do the job perfectly.
  • Panel Type: IPS panels are the most popular ones in the market at present. With their high vibrancy and color detailing, every Video Editor would want to get their hands on what is considered the best. Now LCD panels with their backlight technology are being combined with the bright IPS technology to make monitors that provide peak performance. Other game-changers in the field are definitely OLED screens.
  • Connectivity: Connectivity is something you should positively look out for while purchasing a new monitor. This is such a general but useful feature that most people forget to check their connectivity options, carried away by other features. HDMI, 12G/6G/3G-SDI (BNC), Thunderbolt™, DisplayPort, USB are the most common ports that are present in combination; you also have to make sure your display is compatible with your system’s video output. Having a spare loop-out port is also a very handy feature.

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The Best Monitors for Video Editing

Choosing the best Monitor that meets all your requirements is hard, this is why we’re here to help. We present you with the best 5 monitors for Video Editing.

1. Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q

Dell Ultrasharp U3219Q

This monitor is definitely a fan favourite on this list. It enjoys undisputed popularity among Video Editors and its plethora of features are all the reason why. Only providing the most optimal screen size, the monitor has a whooping 32″ screen size. No more problems with focusing on details anymore. What’s even greater is that it also offers a 4K Ultra HD Display with a 60Hz refresh rate.

The 99 per cent sRGB and Rec. 709 coverage, as well as 95 per cent DCI-P3, are a few of the most coveted features in the Video Editing department, we don’t make the rules. The system is equipped with HDR400, it might not be able to give you that HDR playback, but with all the features provided you can definitely choose to overlook this. The system comes with a wide range of connectivity options such as USB-C connectivity and four USB Type-A ports. The color balance is excellent according to the price.

Pros: Cons:
Ample connectivity options. HDR400 which is a little backward.
4K Ultra HD Display. Little more expensive.

2. Dell S2721QS

Dell S2721QS

The second Dell monitor on the list, we can definitely tell by now that Dell enjoys some monopoly in the Monitor business. With a 27″ screen size that does the business quite well, the Dell S2721QS also offers a 3840×2160 resolution display. Now that your issues about the display are out of the way, we’d like to highlight the FreeSync technology provided by the monitor. It comes under the best budget monitor for the video editing category.

The FreeSync makes it a tear-free experience, providing the best display even when you are working on a video shot in high resolution. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, and also supports VRR to reduce screen tearing. Though this might not offer the most professional settings for Video Editors, it is best suited for people whose line of work is concerned with sRGB color space as it has full coverage. One disadvantage for the users is that the device does not support any USB ports. But it does come with two built-in speakers? If connectivity is something you can choose to overlook, this is the perfect choice for you.

Pros: Cons:
Affordable. Adobe RGB coverage is not suitable for professional photographers.
The picture-in-Picture mode lets you display two input signals at once. No USB ports.

3. Gigabyte M27Q

Gigabyte M27Q

If your main point of concern is affordability then the Gigabyte M27Q might be your best bet. With a system that comes equipped with a 27″ screen and 2560x1440p resolution with a 170Hz refresh rate, the monitor is an absolute steal for Video Editors. It is definitely on the best monitor for video editing under the 500 list. It also comes with a handful of other miscellaneous features such as Picture-in-Picture and Picture-by-Picture modes which is highly efficient if you have two computers.

It supports HDR10 and has a wide color gamut which may be just enough for your video editing work. It is especially perfect for people working on Adobe RGB colour space. The system prevents color bleeding and facilitates Gradient Handling. You’ll definitely be missing out on a lot of excellent features if end up not getting one of these. Though the contrast ratio isn’t necessarily impressive, it is the best budget monitor for video editing.

Pros: Cons:
2560x1440p resolution. The contrast ratio is disappointing.
Budget buy. Not suitable for bringing out highlights in HDR content.

4. LG 32UK550

LG 32UK550

This is another budget option for Video Editors looking for something reliable at a decent price. You get a 4K resolution image on a 32″ screen. If that doesn’t already sound impressive, you can also depend on the 95% DCI-P3 color gamut support to absolutely deliver. The VA panel technology may not work for viewing wide color angles but it helps to keep the black performance strong, with great contrasts. Moreover, it is also much better for the environment and keeps the price well within your budget.

Connectivity is again a bit of a problem here as the monitor does not support USB ports. What is does support though is HDR10, but then it is not much utilizable with the 300-nit color brightness provided by the screen. This screen is probably the best for people who just want to get their video editing work done on a big monitor. In spite of this, it does belong to the best budget monitor for the video editing category.

Pros: Cons:
4K resolution image on a 32″ screen. Does not support USB ports.
DCI-P3 color gamut.

5. MSI Prestige PS341WU

MSI Prestige PS341WU

MSI is a brand that has been garnering a lot of attention lately. It comes as no surprise that they would choose to come out with their own monitors specialized for Video Editing. This is undeniably one of the best 4k monitors for video editing. The 34” Ultra-wide WUHD resolution display claims to not only bring you more visual information but also definitely makes every detail clear.

Specially made for creating and multitasking, the screen is perfect for Video Editors. A 5K2K Ultra-Wide (5120 x 2160/ 21:9) resolution support is provided so that you never have to back down at work. DCI-P3 (Digital Cinema Initiatives Color Standard) brings out the full color for editing your videos. The color reproduction is unbeatable, it also provides the most accurate conditions for creating, especially for the color green & red, shadow detail, saturation & brightness while editing in post-production. What acts as the cherry on top is that the screen is easily height adjustable. So many perks in just one monitor.

Pros: Cons:
34” Ultra-wide WUHD resolution display . Comparatively expensive.
DCI-P3. The build might feel a little cheap.
Wide range of connectivity.

We’ve listed all the different optimal options at the best prices. We hope you get the monitor you require!


What type of monitor is best for video editing?

One with an IPS panel or OLED panel is the most favourable, 4K HD playback is a huge perk. If you are into professional Video Editing then these are the things you must focus on.

Do I need a 4K monitor for video editing?

If you are a professional then a 4K will provide the richest color payback for you. For an amateur, you might not get a 4K Monitor right away.

Does monitor matter for video editing?

Yes! Your monitor provides your whole workspace experience. As a Video Editor, it must be one of your top priorities.

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