How to Buy a PC Monitor: A 2022 Guide

As the technology is being more developed and with the advent of innovation there has been a great shift in work culture too. PCs and laptops have become essentials in this generation either for work or for entertainment. And this is the reason that while buying a PC we make sure we get the best one which can fulfill our needs and works smoothly for us. Several parts in a PC play a key role in its smooth functioning be it CPU, internal memory Ram and but one of the Hardware that plays a key role is Monitor.

A good monitor can give you a whole new experience with the PC. A good monitor enhances your experience of gaming, watching the movie, working, graphic designing video editing, or all sorts of things you can do on your PC.

How to Buy a PC Monitor For Gaming

As told that the developing technology has given rise to so many choices that you will get confused. Multiple gaming Monitors are providing various features. The process of filtering the best one for yourself can be a bit tiring. This is the reason this article will help you to find the correct monitor.

The first thing is to be clear on your purpose. This will help you to know what kind of features you should be looking for. Should you go for a 4k monitor or 1440p, 120Hz, 1080p, or an HD resolution? Do features like blue light mode, freesync mode, or g sync make any difference to the experience? What should be an approx budget to get a good Monitor? And with so many features what is the difference the features create. And does a gaming monitor can differ from a monitor bought for working purposes. If you are looking for the best gaming monitor for Xbox then check our old articles.

What to look for in a gaming monitor in 2022?

Here are the few important points listed that you should keep in mind while buying a laptop

Be clear on the use of a monitor

It is important to know what is the main use of your monitor. Are you buying it for gaming or graphic designing or just normal video watching? The feature priority is decided by its use. The feature of Fast refreshing and low response time are pretty crucial if you want a gaming monitor. If you are someone who is in Graphic designing or video editing you should probably put more emphasis on graphics. And even if you don’t have some targeted purpose in mind and you need a PC for regular purposes a high contrast VA panel will do good.

The size of the Monitor

The size of the Monitor

Obviously, you don’t want your PC monitor to have bad graphics and spoil your graphics experience. The size of the PC plays a key role in its pixel density. And it is ideal to have at least 109 pixels per inch. After all the major calculations are taken from the visibility and your average distance from the PC a 32-inch Monitor will be just fine for gaming and regular work.

High resolution is directly proportional to a quality picture

High resolution

So the resolution game in a monitor is all about the small tiny square shape pixels. The more pixels monitors have per inch the better resolution you will get making the image clear. You should at least make sure the monitor has 1080p, full HD for good picture quality. But if you think you need more cristal clear screen you can go for QHDor 4K

Response time is generally for gaming purposes

Response time generally for gaming purpose

Response time will not be a feature that will be of great importance if you want to monitor for regular work. But if you want a monitor for gaming or any related purpose that relies on the motion then you should make sure that the monitor has a great response time. Now let me throw a light on what is the response time? And why is it important? So response time in a monitor is the time pixels take from changing one color to another. For instance, it can be changing from black to white. The time is mostly in milliseconds. There is even a gtg shift which is grey to grey.

So the less time your monitor will take to change from black to white the better it will be. Because as a gamer you need a fast motion on your screen and the slower the response time will be the slower will be the motion change on the screen. For the basic to get a great gaming experience you must go for a monitor with a response time near 5ms. This range will give a good motion experience while gaming. But the best gaming monitor can have a response time of 0.5ms.

The refresh rate of the monitor

The refresh rate of monitor

This is even a feature that is crucial for gaming and anything that depends on the motion of the frames. If you are someone looking to monitor for regular take a chill here no need to bother much. But in case you are a gamer you should take this feature undercover. Gaming on the monitor means that there will be a change of frames on the monitor at a very high pace. Refresh rate means the number of times the frame of the monitor will change in a second. The speed of refresh is denoted by Hertz.

You might have heard about a 144hz monitor or 240hz monitor. Well, these number signifies the number of time the frame refreshes like 144 times in a second or 240 in a second. We can say that the higher the refresh rates better will be the visuals. For regular work, you can go for a 60Hz monitor but if you are a gamer 144Hz will be a good choice though 75Hz is a minimum base needed.

Panel TN or IPS or VA

Panel TN or IPS or VA

The panel plays an important role for the purpose you are buying a monitor. There are several monitors these to panels and in the different price ranges. Most of us think the more expensive the suitable will be monitor panel will be for you. But No you need to know that both panels serve different purposes better. Now starting with TN panel which stands for the twisted-nematic panel is known to be good for gaming. The panels have a lead on the high refresh rates and response time which both are crucial for a gaming monitor. Though the TN panel is loose when it comes to color presentation and viewing angles.

But the plus point is they are pretty affordable and if you are a gamer who is looking for a monitor that gives you a high-motion screen well TN panel is good. the panel can serve a purpose if you want a cheap gaming monitor. Coming IPS panels which are imbibed with new technology are made to cover the areas and make up for the areas that TN panels failed. The IPS panel can give you an amazing viewing experience and great graphics. Now coming to the third panel on the list which is VA. VA panel is best for a gaming laptop. It has a fast refresh response and gives a great viewing experience from the sides.

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