Can I Run It? How to Check if you can run a game on PC

With the advent of new technology in PCs and the release of multiple games on PC, it’s hard to know if your PC can support the game or not. If you are who is into gaming or even a beginner it’s very important to test whether you can run multiple games on it or not. And the way of finding out is not easy.

New technology has made things complicated and you need to make your way through it to find can you run this game on your PC?

To relieve you from the quest of searching how to test your PCs for game or how to check Can my PC run this game or not, read this article. We have listed all the things that will give you easy results and won’t need you to be some rocket scientist.

Can I Run It? Find Out What Games Your PC Can Run Now

Here are a few things to check before downloading the game.


Know Your Exact Specs

It is really important to know the specs of your PC. To do this Job there are a lot of tools in the market which you can use. Speccy being one of them will give a good overview of your specs.

User benchmark

Using User benchmark will enable you to compare your PC with the minimum requirement of PC that is needed to run a game on the PC.

Manual method:

One of the simple ways to start with testing your PC if it is right for your ideal game is to know about the game well. You should have full knowledge of the system requirement of the particular game. Every game has a product description wherein they mention the system requirement, you can go through it and find out if your PC supports it.

How to Check if you can run a game on PC

So from where can you get the system requirement of a game. If you would be lucky then your game would be probably on steam. Which will give you a guide to the system requirement and you can match it from there. You just need to search the game on steam. But in case if your game is not on steam there is some extra effort to be put into it. You will have to google the system requirement of the game. For eg, you can search Fortnite system requirements on google and you will get a page that has all requirements of the game to be able to run on PC.

Using 3rd Party Tools

Another method that you can check out to test your PC is the tool Method. The method will kind of save you from checklists one by one on the system requirements page.  Systemrequirementlab is a tool that can be used to detect whether you can run a game or not automatically. It saves a lot of time and effort and gives you fast results. But additionally, the tool considers all the requirements that you might ignore and run the game without fulfilling that system requirement.

Use 3rd Party Tools

On the better side, the tool stores the system information of your PC. In case if you want to get rid of that you have to clear your browser history. But the system information of your Pc will help the tool to have the information of your PC and you can test m, multiple games if they can run on your PC or not.

The Most Accurate Method: Find benchmarks as same as your PC

It is correct that the above two method works just well, but still, there are some cumbersome and complicated processes that you have to go through. So what could be a better way to skip escape these methods and find an easy solution.

Find benchmarks

So the method is finding a benchmark or a youtube video of someone running the game with the same specs as you do. This will help you to know that what is the minimum requirement you will need to run a game on your PC or what are things you can add up to make it suitable to run. Tons of YouTubers run various games on different graphic cards and systems. You can just search for the same one as yours and know can you run games like PUBG, Fortnite, and many others on your PC. Supposedly id you own a GTX760 and you want to test that you can easily search a video on Gtx760 GTA and you will get multiple results from gamers who will be testing the same specs as you and will give you a bottom-line view of will your PC support The game.

You can search for the benchmarks which coincide with yours and it will give you the most accurate result on can you run a game on your PC. Because sometimes system requirement pages can stand false and might have the wrong information. So it is much better to go with this method and find an easy answer.

What if you stand below the minimum requirement?

If you are someone who has gone through the system requirement page of the game and have used system requirement lab too and unfortunately you are stuck in below minimum requirement then obviously you have got some problems and it is better to search if these are true and will affect your gaming experience while running the game. But there is more you can do to just grieve about it. As the PCs are embedded with some great techniques you can squeeze out a little help with the broad options you got.

There are few games in which you get many config files that can higher the frame rates. Valve games are the ones that provide these features.

Besides that, you can get a little help by using tools such as the razer game booster or window 10 game mode.

But just in case there does not stand as the solution then you can look out for the things or specific area your pc stands below requirement. As in gaming, the priority starts as GPU, CPU, and then RAM. If your Pc does not have a large difference you can still run the game without noticing much error or defect in performance.

Still, to skip from all this hassle it is suggested to know about the game before you purchase it. You should get a bare minimum idea or refer to anyone who is into gaming to know if the game can run on your Pc or not. This will save you money and all this hassle.

If you have got your hands on a game that you cant run on your PC it is suggested to save the receipt and return it to the store as generally, they do have a refund policy.

Demos and Trials

If you are lucky enough that your game offers a free trial or demo before buying, you must grab that opportunity then. Most games on steam are offered with a free trial which you can use to check out if your PC supports a game or not.


So these were the all possible method we could list out so you can find an accurate way to know if your PC can support a game or not. Hope you find these methods helpful.

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