How To Donate On Twitch: Subs, Twitch Bits & Paypal Donations

If you are a gamer then you may have heard about Twitch. Twitch is a leading streaming platform by Amazon that allows games and streamers to stream content and earn. Apart from that, Twitch allows users to give a donation to the streamer. That’s right, you can fund your favorite streamers with a donation so that they can keep publishing good content.

Here is how to donate on Twitch. Don’t worry. The process is very easy and anyone can donate on Twitch.

Subscribe to Channel on Twitch

First of all, subscribe to the Twitch streamer’s channel to show your support. The subscription is month-to-month and you have to renew it. The subscription fee varies according to location. To subscribe, simply open the streamer’s channel, click Subscribe, and fill out the form.

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How To Donation and Support Streamers on Twitch

There are many methods to donate on Twitch. We are going to explore some of them in detail here. So let’s get started.

Step 1: First open the Twitch website and log in to your account.

Step 2:Then open the channel of your favorite streamer.

Step 3: Then scroll down and find the donation button.

Make sure that, not all streamers have the donation button. So if you don’t find one, then you can’t donate using Twitch.

If donate button is there, click on it.

Step 4: Enter all the donation details and then click on donate.

enter donation amount

Step 5: Finalize your donation by entering your payment details. When you donate a streamer, he/she will get notified.

Other Ways to Donate Streamer On Twitch

You can donate to Twitch in several ways. There are many apps to download and use to make donations. Twitch Bits is one of the most popular. To send money to a Twitch streamer, you must choose a wallet and enter the “receive” option in the box. Once you’ve selected a wallet, copy the address to your clipboard and paste it into the donation section of your profile.

Twitch Bits

If you want to support your favorite streamers, you can use an app called PeachPay to automate the donation process. The software will create an exclusive link that you can display during your stream. Donate on Twitch to support your favorite streamers. You can even add a link to your channel’s description. Donating on Twitch can help your streamers earn extra money and become more famous.

Other apps used to donate on Twitch:

  • Donorbox
  • Paypal

Donations on Twitch are anonymous, but you can still thank the person for their support by tuning in to their stream immediately after they’ve donated. But be careful: there are many ways to fake a donation on Twitch. To ensure that your streamer’s donation is real, you must verify that the payment is from a verified donor.

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